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I’ve always thought if all home products were a fairytale, cleaning products would be the ugly stepsister in the tale. Not pretty enough to be displayed, and only brought out to do the unwanted chores when no one is around.

I wanted to give these items some love, and create not only organic but also non-toxic cleaning products. These products would create a sense of occasion when I use them, making me feel as spoiled as I do when I use a luxurious, delicious-smelling body product.

I suffer from a variety of allergies. As such, I have used some non-toxic natural cleaning products but always felt they were lacking something.

One December holiday, I started to experiment with making my own cleaning products. I had fun making concoctions in my kitchen. Adding essential oils to my recipes give them that extra special smell and an added layer of cleaning punch (and I still have both my eyebrows!).

I love using my products! The scent is uplifting and turns an otherwise boring chore into something special. It leaves my home smelling fresh, light and clean. It is the closest I will ever get to having Disney cartoon characters coming in to magically clean my house. Now wouldn’t that be lovely!

The first time I met the manufacturer of my products, I knew he was the one with whom I wanted to work. He was honest and open and, like me, he was determined to use only the purest materials. He also explained that variances in batches of essential oils are dependent on the type of harvest. For example, a dry year’s harvest produces a slightly different batch from a good year’s harvest. This affects the scent greatly. It makes me incredibly happy to know we work with the purest ingredients Mother Nature has to offer.

These organic, non-toxic products remind me of a Mother’s Love. It’s tough enough to get the job done, but nurturing at the same time.

I hope you enjoy using these products as much as I do and that the fresh, uplifting scents add a layer of joy to your chores.

Cape Town

Proudly made at the foot of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.

Saving the earth

Saving the earth
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