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Our current offering of top-quality cleaning products in our ever-expanding range.
We want to develop the natural cleaning product that you need. If you need a unique cleaning product that does the job while still being great for your household and the environment, we can create it! Please contact us.

What makes Mother’s Love Natural Products stand out

Mother’s Love offers a range of proudly South African cleaning products made with the best quality eco-friendly ingredients.
Our range of cleaning products are 100% non-toxic and non-allergenic. They are gentle and nurturing for your family and for the environment, while also being tough on dirt. And, it’s locally made! We hope the uplifting fragrance of the pure essential oils will make your cleaning experience a more joyful one, leaving you feeling energized and your home pristine.

Mother's Love Natural Products are non-allergenic


Mother's Love Natural Products are non-toxic


Mother's Love Natural Products are nurturing and gentle


Mother's Love Natural Products are proudly South African


What our happy clients say

  • Just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your products!! They are fabulous. I am looking for all kinds of things to clean 🤣. My favourite find is the glass cleaner for my 👓 - not only are they cleaner than I’ve ever managed to get them but I get to smell the beautiful smell on my face for ages afterwards 🌸.

  • We are totally blown away by your products – it works well AND smells nice - especially because we have a paralysed dog that regularly wets the floor as he pulls himself along and the smell of urine in the house was bad.  We realised today the mop is getting cleaned as it cleans. We have to clean the floors on a regular basis, because of dog urine and wheelchair marks so this is the most unbelievable help. No chemicals and no harsh smell. I'm actually personally very grateful for your products.

    Carlos, Johannesburg

  • Glass Cleaner – it cleans the windows easily – and it smells nice and fresh, its like there is something soft in the ingredients, maybe it’s the citrus. The Floor cleaner works well and it makes me even feel nice when I clean it, because of the smell of the product. The dishwashing gel is my favourite, I love to wash the dishes using this product, it works well – in fact, I think it works better than the dishwashing liquid I used to use. The MultiPurpose Cleaner is very good, also for the bathrooms. When I clean with it, you can feel everything is clean, it even smells better.

    Sylwie, Domestic Worker, Cape Town

  • I just have to say how awesome your products are!!! I’ve used them all and I think they’re all brilliant! Most environmentally friendly dishwashing liquid doesn’t really foam, but yours does nicely and it cleans brilliantly. Plus I used the window cleaner on my glasses because they’ve been driving me nuts with a thin layer on them I could never keep off and they haven’t been this clean since I first got them! My cellphone screen, mirrors… Everything is sparkling and smelling divine in the house! Your goodies totally get my vote!

    Janice Porrill, Vegan from Scratch

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