O2 Washing Powder and Stain Remover


A chlorine-free powder for cleaning, stain removal and disinfecting.

O2 Washing Powder and Stain Remover is a chlorine free powder for cleaning and stain removal that uses the power of oxygen to kill bacteria as well as removing stains from hard surfaces and fabrics. It can also be used in laundries for brightening white and coloured fabric as this is a colour-safe product. Unlike chlorine bleach, O2 Stain Remover and Washing Powder rapidly degrades into Carbon dioxide, Sodium ions and Oxygen into the environment, leaving behind no harmful substances.

Biodegradable, Low Toxicity, Hypo-allergenic, Concentrated, No fragrances, No petroleum based surfactants, No VOCs
Sodium Percarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Coco Glucoside, TAED (<0.5%)
For general cleaning and stain removing purposes add 50grams per 1Lt of water. More effective with warm water. Apply to surface and scrub as necessary. Rinse with clean water. For Laundry add 50grams per 5kg Load.
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